This wiki, like all other wiki's, has standards that it must live up to. Having rule and guidelines help the wiki rise in prestige and it will be more respected and the foundation will be better; so as to not rise and then collapse.


The same rules of Wikia; with some added:

  • Do not use offensive words; attacking a user or otherwise. Unless you are quoting what someone else said.
  • Edit wars are explicitly frowned upon; if you must have a war, please do it elsewhere. Where it is accepted.
  • Do not edit a user's page unless it is a grammar fix or a punctuation fix; and if it is some inappropriate or breaking the rules or guidelines, report it to an Administrator. Please do not take the matter into your own hands, otherwise the problem could escalate.


These miniature rules should be taken seriously, not as much as the main rules, but just enough since they are not set-in-stone.

  • Always use correct grammar and punctuation; it is very nerve wracking to read a page full of "yea nd ths tht nd th thrd hapened a long wit ths Nd did u knoe tat dis purson did tht nd ths smh". It is not accepted on this wiki.
  • Respect others' rights; for example, if their is a debate and another person states an opinion with which you do not agree, do not attack them. To each her/his own.
  • When adding an image, you should always add the license, and if the license is unknown, then you must add the template. Respect the copyright laws.
  • During a heated debate with someone, try to return to normal mode; meaning don't let it escalate. No one like problems.
  • Try to add summaries to every edit you make. It makes people jobs easier when searching through the recent changes.
  • Do not revert good faith edits; revert vandalism and report the user who created it.
  • Always sign your posts on peoples' talk pages. It takes less time to reply.
  • Use the preview button when editing.


This version of the rule and guidelines was last updated Saturday, October 8th, 2011 at 10:28 PM, eastern standard time.

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