Competitive gods visit the pantheons often, pantheons are the leaderboards of Godville. There are different pantheon ranks within the game; for example, some rank guilds and others choose who the most powerful heroes are. Although they are leaderboards, they constantly update. Many are updated in real-time, though a few are updated a certain number of times per day. Three subcategories exist within the pantheons:

  • Pantheons by Gods - The best gods are ranked here according to certain aspects. The pantheons by gods also rank things that gods participate in; for example, guilds.
  • Pantheons by Heroes - These pantheons rank heroes for different qualities, like things they may have and acts that they have accomplished. They also rank the heroes' companions.
  • Pantheons by Impact - This subcategory of pantheons rank the influence heroes have in certain areas; basically, meaning the impact they have on the world around them.

In the beginning, it is extremely difficult to climb the ladder of the pantheons, but it becomes easier as the hero's level increases. Certain pantheons are exclusive to some groups of heroes and others are open to all heroes. Difficulty with gaining a high place in the pantheons varies largely with the pantheon type; some change quicker then others.

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